i'm a central indiana based photographer who is obsessed with capturing candid moments and creating epic photoshoots that encompass my clients vibes!

WHen you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.

-Ted Grant

ok, i'll tell you more...

I'm a Fashion Design School dropout, former Retail GM, spent time on the Corporate side of Retail in Design & Color/Fashion Forecasting , was a Personal Stylist, a freelance makeup artist and have held a few more roles in the fashion industry once upon a time...and I LOVED THEM A.L.L!

Photography was a common thread throughout my time in the Fashion World, but I did not develop a curiosity about it until my kiddos (I'm a Mama to 4 incredible humans) grew a bit older and began participating in their various activities. The journey has gone a little bit like this: The Mama who took photos/videos on her phone for the other parents at events grew that interest into a hobby, which turned into a passion and now it's "The One where we launch J5 Studios by Amberly!" My kiddos are my inspiration for turning this hobby into a business and they happen to be my BIGGEST supporters.

So, what do I shoot? My photography interests are vast; I love the timeless captures of black and white portraiture just as much as I love the vivid, movement filled Action Sports frames. Street photography is always a vibe and personality shoots of kiddos make my heart happy! Currently, I specialize in Senior and Action Sports photography. My Senior Photography combines the clients personality and passions, while my Action Sports photography captures the emotion filled, candid moments between all of the big action.


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